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College Is The Place For Students Essay

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Trigger Warnings and Universities
Traditionally, college is the place for students to be exposed to new challenges, new cultures, and overall a new way of life. It is widely known that most colleges give a student the perfect opportunity to expand and grow as a person. Going to college is very prestigious and almost a necessity to obtain most jobs, so therefore, a student’s educational experience is a very valuable thing in today’s society and it is not to be tampered with. The argument of trigger warnings shows up mainly in the case that professors are fighting against the implementation of them into their class curriculum. Whether the argument be for or against trigger warnings, this topic is becoming a very serious issue that is being brought up. Although trigger warnings may help to keep student’s emotions at rest, universities should avoid adding trigger warnings into their policies because college is the place to go to be challenged, professors typically do not want to infantilize their students, and it would ultimately make real world exposure a struggle for graduating students.
According to, the blatant definition of a trigger warning is, “a stated warning that the context of a text, video, etc., may upset or offend some people, especially those who have previously experience a related trauma.” Additionally, trigger warnings are very closely defined next to a content warning, which are subtly different from trigger warnings and can be easily mixed up. Content warnings are intended to portray information about the contents of a certain thing to allow people to decide if they were going to interact with it or not at their own discretion. Now, the argument at universities is whether or not trigger warning shoul...

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... were protecting their young children from material that was not appropriate for their age. With something similar in mind, many professors and teachers at universities are already implementing trigger warnings into their class content. These professors are typically looking out for the well being of their students and want them to be comfortable discussing their class material. Switching over to the opposing argument, many professors disagree and do not think that they should implement these trigger warnings into their policies. A team of professors went on to say that the responsibility of their student’s emotions should not be put into their hands, but should ultimately be put into the hands of the students themselves. Adding trigger warnings into universities would create a protective campus and shelter students from the gruesome reality that is our world today.

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