Essay on College Is The Most Stressful Thing

Essay on College Is The Most Stressful Thing

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The start of this semester I had a feeling that this wasn’t for me. I felt as if there was a huge weight placed on my shoulder and I was going to fail. I’m not the type of person to give up on things, but this was one thing I was willing to give up on. It was hard, demanding, depressing, everything you could imagine, I was feeling. At the beginning it took everything I had to get up for the day and go to the classes. The one thing that was holding me back and putting this giant weight on my shoulder was “college.” College was the most stressful thing in my life I was worrying about getting the grades and keeping up with a social life at the same time. As of today my views on college are completely different, because now I’ve now figured out that college is something you have to work for its not like high school where the grades are given to you because they have to, this is the real world. Like Adrienne Rich said, “you have to claim your education, not receive it” meaning you have to go above and beyond what is asked of you if you want to succeed in this thing called “college.” Over the course of this semester I feel as if my whole demeanor as a person has changed for better, I’ve been taking my academics serious now. Not only do I feel like a better person in school, but also a better person in general, and I’m not the only person who noticed my attitude change along with my academic focus now. My friends have pointed out the new change in me.
I now see education is something that’s going to transform you into a better person rather than something to dwell on. Taking X-158 with Kevin Taber was the start of my success in college. I feel if I didn’t take this class I wouldn’t still be where I am today academically/emotionally, sin...

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...d making the best out of every situation that is given to me, by going above and beyond what is necessary. Taking the X-158 class has helped me claim my education outside the classroom as well, because its help me discover what kind of person that I am in general, and how I learn best. Before this class my goal was to just get through college with whatever it takes to pass, but after going through the class I realized that I’m here for another reason, not just to receive my education. My goals are now clear that I’m going to claim my education and go above and beyond what is asked of me. I use to let people take advantage of me and let people take my time when I had important homework to do. My plan is now clear I am going to graduate with a 4.0 and go to Med school and not let friends get in my way. I plan to “claim” my education rather than “receive” my education.

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