College Is The Most Important And Most Impactful Decision Of One 's Life

College Is The Most Important And Most Impactful Decision Of One 's Life

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For many years, college has been described to be the most important and most impactful decision of one’s life. For some, college is a helping tool in their career path that would set them up for success. For others, college is a dreadful nightmare that they do not wish to remember again. One of the biggest reasons that students stress and don’t finish their education is because of college debt. It has been said that “as prices soar, a college degree statistically remains a good lifetime investment, but it often comes with an unprecedented financial burden.”(Martin and Lehren 4). With this in mind, there are many solutions to avoid and/or reduce college debt such as getting scholarships and working a job, however, the best solution is to start out at community colleges.
To being with, parents want their kids to go to college because they want their kids to live a better life, however, it’s not as easy as it seems when debt is holding onto the back of their tails. For example, Kelsey Griffith, a student at Ohio Northern University graduated on Sunday and the first thing she started to do was to pay her “$120,000 in student debt [by] working two restaurant jobs and up her apartment to live with her parents.”(Martin and Lehren 4). Such shows that there are sacrifices one has to make due to being in debt. Moreover, college debt is so horrific that a number of students end up “becoming mired in a financial morass” because they struggle to pay them off. (Martin and Lehren 6). As a result, not many students finish their college experience and end up dropping out for jobs that do not require a degree, however, there are solutions to prevent that. One solution to avoid college debt is scholarships. Students can fund their edu...

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...ower cost. In addition, if a person graduates from college debt-free, grad school is a lot easier. Studies show that “38 percent of student loan borrowers reported that their debt had prevented them from pursuing grad school.”(Jacques 15). As a result, attending community college is the easiest way to avoid and/or reduce college debt; all in all, it is the best solution.
In conclusion, although scholarships and working are both possible solutions to avert college debt, it does not have enough potential to work as well as going to a community college. By proceeding to a community college, one can save money but also figure out what profession he or she wants to be in; it’s practically killing two birds with one stone. Hence, students wouldn’t have to worry as much nor get stressed out over college debt but instead they would be able to focus more on their education.

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