College Is The Best Year Of Your Life Essay

College Is The Best Year Of Your Life Essay

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How will you deal with financial decisions in college

Many people don’t believe that once you get into your senior year of high school it won’t go by fast. It will be the longest year of your life, but honestly it isn’t. Your last year of high school will be the fastest year of your life, you won’t believe that it’s almost over. But, the one big question that gets asked all the time throughout your last year is what are you going to do after school. Are you going to college or are you going to go to work right away? Most people will go off to college to get some sort of a degree so you can get a better job. You 're going to have to pay for college somehow. There are many ways to pay for college but, the ways I 'm going to pay for college is getting a job while in school, getting scholarships and the last thing is having my parents help.

First thing that I will do to help pay for everything that college has to go along with it is getting a job while i 'm in school. In order to be able to have money and pay off college I 'm going to have to work so I 'm bringing in money otherwise I won’t be doing anything or even having food to eat. College has a lot of payments to go along with it like room and board, books, the food for me to eat and classes themselves. If I don’t have a job during school nothing will get paid off and it will all add up in the end. It would also be nice to have things paid off and have a little bit of extra money to go out to dinner every now and then and go out and hang out with friends and not just sit in the dorm rooms all the time. I will also need the gas money to be able to drive home every time that I want to come home, gas isn’t cheap and if I would like to come home every weekend...

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... just when your kid graduates they get a lot of money to help them pay for college or gas or even stuff for their rooms. Parents try to help their kids out as much as they can if that 's paying for their college altogether or just giving a little bit to help pay off some of it and maybe more to help towards the end of your college years. Parents always try to help as much as possible when they send their kids off to live on their own. They want their children to feel safe and have everything they need to get through college. Clearly, parents can be a big help when your going off to college.

Clearly there are tons of things you can do to help with paying with college. I believe that having your parents help, getting scholarships and getting a job can be the things that help you out in the long run for going to college and having the money for it.

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