Essay about College Is Not Worth The Price?

Essay about College Is Not Worth The Price?

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College, the dream to some and reality to others. College is where the future is made, but is it worth the price? Without entering college is the same result possible to reach or do all road lead back to the higher education called college? College is indeed worth the price, with the possible networking, required degree for most jobs, and the return value that college provides. College seems to be worth it. College was designed to improve the abilities of those who attained and it gets the job done. Since, doesn’t everything look better with a degree on the wall? Therefore, college may cost an arm and a leg, but it pays for itself in the long run.
Friendships last a life time, expressly when friends can help build connections and find jobs. An old saying that teacher told students and parents told children, never burn bridges. Everyone heard this phase at least once in their life. The phase in simplest terms mean to never cut ties or lose connection with friends or collogues. The reason is no one knows who will be the next CEO or business owner who can find friends jobs. Networking is key in college, where senior can help junior find work or fiends can become entrepreneur and hire those who helped them. Networking in college can be easy like joining clubs or talking to people or professors outside of class. While in college there is pressure with just taking or asking for advice. Alexis Grant wrote an article in US News called 6 Ways to Network While You’re in College in it she quoted Heather Krasna by saying, “Alumni and other contacts are more likely to want to help you while you 're still a student, Krasna says, “It’s less pressure because the person is just asking for advice," she says, and not yet looking for a job.” Krasna...

... middle of paper ... will make real world issues easier to understand and process then it would have been seeing it for the first time. With college’s return on investment being future promotions and a perfect, step by step solution to an imperfect problem, attending college seems like a no brainer.
Conclusively, college may be hard and it may be a struggle at some points it still worth it to attend. College provides chances to network, gives a degree that will be used while looking for work, and will reimburse itself with a job and the ability to pay off the loan in the long run. Without college work is possible but will be hard to find and might create a financial burden if the work does not pay well. With all that college offers along with its faults and hardships it still worth going and finishing the four or five years to receive a degree and have an advantage in the job hunts.

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