Essay about College Is Not The Best Option For Everyone After High School

Essay about College Is Not The Best Option For Everyone After High School

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Since I grew up in a household with two parents who are college graduates, and even two grandparents who had graduated from college, the idea of attending college was never seen as a unique opportunity, but rather as a necessary part of my future. I’m not going to complain about growing up with parents who valued the pursuit of knowledge, but it certainly never exposed me to the mindset that maybe college is not the best option for everyone after high school. Today, there is a huge debate over if the price of college is really worth it in the end, with the high cost of tuition and the number of people who just aren’t prepared for the demands that college has to offer. And on the other side, some say that college is a necessity not just in one’s career, but also in life in general. The various authors of the excerpts contained in They Say, I Say, have varying opinions on the necessity and value of a college education, which offers a well-rounded view on the issue.
The most controversial view expressed in the articles was the opinion that a college education is not necessarily worth the cost anymore. In the article most opposed to accessible college education, Charles Murray, the author of the book The Bell Curve, describes why he believes that too many people are going to college. He points out the obvious flaws in the system, in particular that access to a college education has become available to people who may not have the ability to excel on a college campus. The article ends with Murray describing what the post secondary system looks like to an outsider, which he calls flawed from the very start by article ends with Murray stating that “there must be a better way” (242). Some may say that this better way may be for-profit edu...

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...e, the economy simply wouldn’t work, and their worth cannot be overlooked. Both Murray and Rose let their high opinions for these overlooked groups be known, and understood by anyone who get the chance to view their work.
Overall, the debate surrounding higher education is a heated one that has no right or wrong answers. Every person has different life experiences that make their opinions of college and all related topics quite differentiated. In the end, the only right answer is what makes sense for their situation. For some, a college education is practical and it makes sense based on who they are, and what they are aiming to achieve. For others college simply is not in their plan, and we as a society need to realize that that an alternative path is just as useful and significant as a college education. In the end, the path one chooses is only up to the individual.

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