Essay about College Is An Important Step For A Young Adult 's Life

Essay about College Is An Important Step For A Young Adult 's Life

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College is an important step in a young adult 's life. Going to college benefits you In the long run and ends up saving you money. Most seniors in high school plan on going to college and have their choices made by the end of junior year. College is important because it can make your odds better for succeeding. The purpose of college is to get a higher education. College also gives you specialized education you may need for certain jobs. During college you learn how to be self sufficient and independent. Going to college was important to me because I am the first person in my family to go to college. I have always wanted to work with kids and be a teacher.
College is a way to get a higher education. Everyone goes to thirteen years of school. Elementary school and high school are required in the United states. After high school most seniors plan to go off to college to go after a job. Higher education is important if you want to get a higher paying job and make more than minimum wage. Also with a college degree you can get a more specialized job.
Some careers require extra knowledge that you can’t get in highschool. To be able to get some jobs require a college degree. Some jobs you need to have specific knowledge to be able be complete a job successfully. Without proper knowledge you could do more bad than good at a job.
When applying for a job if you have a college degree then you are more likely to get a job if you have a college degree over someone who does not have a college degree. With more knowledge you would be more of an asset to the employer.
Unlike high school college is more about becoming self reliant and independent. In high school teachers are lenient and are easier on grading. During high school you ...

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...d I have to focus on them together and have them work together and

cooperate. I also enjoy working with infants and watching them learn how to do things and develop.
College is a very important and has a purpose and going to college was a very important decision for me. College is a big decision and requires lots of self discipline, in school I was not always dedicated to doing my work. I think college will be a good experience for me and will serve a great purpose for me. College will give me a chance to prove that I can do good in school if I apply myself that I can do good in school. Being a first generation college student there is a lot of pressure on me to do good. I usually do pretty good in school so I think I have the ability to do good in college. I am excited going to college and being able to continue my education here at Lyndon State college.

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