College Is All, End All Of Life Essay

College Is All, End All Of Life Essay

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In high school, college is the be-all, end-all of life. If you don’t get into a good college, you won’t get a worthwhile degree, so you won’t get a good job, so you won’t have a meaningful life, so you’ll die alone (or at least, that’s how my fellow high schoolers seemed to think!). But there’s always a support system to catch you: counselors hold information sessions on filling out the FAFSA and applying for scholarships, colleges table at lunches to bring the most up-to-date information to potential students, and the ever-present deadline reminder sheets of the next SAT registration date or graduation fee due.
Then you do it: you get into a great college, you’re happy with your major, and you move in to your 10 by 10 cell (aka a dorm room), ready for the inundation of information on the next life milestone: getting a good job.
And the information never comes.
You’re an adult now. You’re too old to be helped through life. That support system is gone, and you’re expected to make all of your own decisions. Immediately. And the ever-present deadline to get a job, graduation, is coming at you slowly and steadily.
From there it goes one of two ways: you either ignore the problem and procrastinate, letting deadlines and interviews pass you by, or you stress yourself out to death, lying awake at night worrying about getting a job and money and how am I ever going to do this I’m going to be the one person in the world who never has a job and I’ll probably end up homeless or something.
The problem here is the complete reversal of roles: while colleges court high schoolers to join their programs (and pay loads of tuition!), employers seem like they could not care less about their applicants. Career Fair is one of the few opportunities s...

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...n eternal rat race. I want to actually matter to a company, and when I ultimately retire, look to systems I’ve implemented and changes I’ve made and say “I did that. I fixed it.” Even outside the field of business, into international affairs (my major!), innovation is key.

My dream job is to be an ambassador to another country, preferably Japan (I’m currently studying Japanese), but I’m hesitant to work for the government, which is famously bureaucratic and slow-moving. I enjoy working in the field, communicating with people and finding new solutions to old problems, so I’m excited for whatever work opportunities are given to me, but any employer of mine should understand that I’ll always be innovating from within, creating new systems and programs to make life easier for everyone. I’ll take being able to make a difference over stagnating in a dead-end job any day.

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