College Is A Diverse Place Filled With Students Essay

College Is A Diverse Place Filled With Students Essay

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When most people think about college life they often think about how stressed out a student must be over their classes, they almost always neglect the difficulties that professors also face. College is a diverse place filled with people from all types of backgrounds, with this multitude of people it also provides a large amount of different personalities. Professors face many unique challenges as they are bombarded by different students nearly every hour. Each student provides a different aspect to the learning environment, some students being more helpful than others. v There are three types of undesirable students in the average classroom, the complaining student, the late student, and the know it all. Professors are often put into undesirable situations and need patients in order to act in an appropriate manner.
First off there is the complainer, this type of student will state their negative opinion on everything, leaving no subject off limits. Their complaints can range from the classroom being too cold, to the professor’s homework assignments being to lengthy. They commonly start problems out of pure boredom and truly enjoy rattling up their professor. The complainer shows up to class everyday but they arrive unwilling to learn anything making the commute nearly worthless. This student will moan over the difficulty of a quiz but will refuse to receive any type of help resulting in an ongoing cycle of failure. In addition, these students are guilty of placing blame on the professor when they fail, denying the fact that they simply do not try. A student like this is the cause of a headache for many professors, the constant nagging can make the professor feel as if they are dealing with a child. The complete lack of motivation ...

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...ow well a teacher is able to put up with them. A professor who is not patient with this student will become increasingly irritated.
Working with young and older adults in a high stress environment is not always the most delightful experience, professors come to work despite the negative attitudes they may have to face throughout the day. A professor’s day is confronted by negative students almost right from the start, however an experienced professor is able to maintain their composure and not take a student’s outburst personally. This paper focused on negative students making it seem as if all student are this way which is not true. There are also many amazing students who make a professor’s career choice worth it, although they are faced with many challenges they also are placed in a great position that allows them to watch dedicated students grow and succeed.

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