College Is A Better And More Affordable Option Than Ever Before Essay example

College Is A Better And More Affordable Option Than Ever Before Essay example

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Have you ever thought about going to college, or for some going back to college? While college can be a way to a better and brighter future, it’s not exactly for everybody. Before making the decision you should inform yourself and learn about the college programs that could help make paying for school easier. There is a new program in the works for college students that would make college more affordable and accessible for everyone. One really stood out to me for their innovative ideas and interesting points. This program may put in to perspective why college is a better and more affordable option than ever before.
The proposal comes from Sheila Suess Kennedy who has a lot of great ideas that could really be a game changer for future students. Kennedy’s plan is outlined in the article “A ‘Tour of Duty’ Before College Would Serve Students and the Nation”. Her proposal is similar to the post 9/11 G.I Bill, where our troops can get a full ride to college or job training program after serving actively for period of time. Kennedy’s idea is that high school graduates would be paid minimum ...

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