The College I Have Graduated From Has Changed My Way Of Thinking And Imagining The World

The College I Have Graduated From Has Changed My Way Of Thinking And Imagining The World

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The college I have graduated from has changed my way of thinking and imagining the world in ways I didn’t see coming. It would take an apologetics conference in Atlanta, Georgia to realize fully what my college experience had planted in my heart, and it was ugly.

In the middle of June, I attended the RZIM summit, which is a world-class Christian apologetics conference featuring Christian intellectual speakers–many of whom are Oxford scholars. They didn’t carry themselves like the most brilliant people in the room. My sister and I held a few lunch and dinner conversations with individuals we didn’t realize were speakers until it was their time to lecture (they didn’t have a green room?!), some of whom are well-known authors. The Second surprising observation was made in worship every morning before the lectures would begin. John Lennox, an Oxford Mathematician, lead every devotional and would raise his hands in worship. My impression of intellectual Christians, especially from what I picked up at my religious Intellectual-wanna-be school, is that being emotional about God is cheesy and irrational. It was powerful to see rows in the Georgia Tech lecture hall full of the brightest minds gathering together in worship and singing with passion. Unfortunately, I have not encountered many Christian intellectuals who love the Lord with their mind and heart. The leaders and speakers with RZIM were very knowledgeable, yet humble. Their knowledge challenged the attendees, not tear them down. They didn’t focus on how not to be like other Christians who can’t share the Gospel effectively. Sure, points on how Christians have failed to reach their culture were made, but no one was made to feel demeaned, uneducated, uncultured, or stupid for the...

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...ssionate while others are stoic and quaint. To silence the passionate personality from campus is to say no to diversity. I am not asking anyone to agree with individuals with convictions that appear dry. I am asking that we have disagreements peacefully and respect one another on personal convictions and denominational backgrounds with the common goal to pursue truth.

Although King’s is a school and not a church, it is still made up of members of the body of Christ (assuming the majority are professing Christians). Remember, when you hurt one part of your body, the rest of your body becomes weak. It’s the same with the church! I am also preaching to myself.

This scripture is my prayer for the future of King’s and the transformation of my heart:

“Finally, all of you, have unity of mind,

sympathy, brotherly love,

a tender heart, and a humble mind.”

1 Peter 3:8 ESV

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