College Freshmen Will Be The Audience For Each Lesson Essay

College Freshmen Will Be The Audience For Each Lesson Essay

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Lesson Plan #1, Invention/Research: Composing Narratives
College freshmen will be the audience for each lesson. During the first lesson, students will wind up achieving familiarity involving each element associated with narratives, reading info on how a narrative gets written, and reading a few example essay narratives, plus writing personal narratives.
To complete the unit, students are going to
· Develop viewpoints meant for getting usage where narrative writings go
· Present an event multitude with logic-based ordering
· Develop an event multitude conveying unification thematic elements and/or tones where complete essays go
· Include a sense detail multitude along with solid verbiage plus/if not dialogs
· Read and reply to a question multitude on how narratives get written
Reviewing Task:
Students will get assigned to review a chapter in the required Strategies for Successful Writing text with relevance where narratives go, and review each info tidbit contained in several links. Two are:
· “English Composition 1: The Narrative Essay” (
· “Composition Patterns: Narrative and Descriptive” (
Though they aren’t required, students will get advised to read plus start classroom roundtables on several essays. One is Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Cultural Baggage.”
Written Composition Task
Each student will get a written composition task meant for displaying how students can compose essays spanning many paragraphs and displaying superb craftsmanship as narratives.
Each need where the assigned task goes has capabilities for getting satisfaction through any among the following means trio.
1. Option number one involves students writi...

... middle of paper ...

...9:00pm), should a particular student number opt for choosing foods, I’ll place having ‘internationality feasting’ in consideration’s scope.
Students will get asked to attempt web searches involving certain cultures and/or cultures for finding a greater deal on foods and/or a custom multitude, and attempt to conduct searches for a food, craft, and/or custom multitude displaying internationalism.
Lengths I Will Accept: I will accept two-page and three-page papers containing a paragraph trio at the least.
At the lesson’s conclusion, I will engage my students in discussing whether taking time to pre-write, draft, revise, and edit helped them with ensuring what they’ve made are pieces displaying total polish, and whether their approach displayed linearity or involved particular processes getting revisited when, where, and if necessary. Required time: one week.

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