College for All: Too Much of a Good Thing? Essay example

College for All: Too Much of a Good Thing? Essay example

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The U.S. Department of Education stated in a recent report that 59% of students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at a four year institution get such a degree within six years. The same report stated that if you were to look at students looking to obtain an Associate’s degree at a two year institution only 31% receive their degree within three years(United States). Neither of these rates would pass if judged by the grading standards most of either type of institution would implement. This may be a small indication that too many people are being steered down the path of a college education. Globalization, the idea that the world is growing together, is becoming very evident to anyone looking at the job market today. The topic of globalization is covered extensively in the New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman’s book The World Is Flat. One thing that Friedman points out is that education beyond high school is important to being successful in our globalizing world; there is little doubt about that. Colleges are a great place to get that further education for many and some, myself not included, believe that college for all is the answer to get America back on top of this ever shrinking world. However, ambition and passion are also keys to success in any world, globalized or not, and many people are passionate about subjects that don’t fit within the liberal arts taught at universities. It is possible, maybe even likely, that of the 41% of people who drop out a four year university and the 69% of those dropping out of a two year institution, some of these people may not have been passionate about what they were learning about at college. Vocational and technical schools, like Yakima’s YV Tech and Perry Tech, may be the answer for thes...

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...antageous to seek some form of further education, no matter where it comes from. The world is full of opportunity for people of all shapes, sizes, and educations, you just have to reach out and seize it.

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