College Essay : My English Writing Experience

College Essay : My English Writing Experience

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English Final Exam
College Life: My English Writing Experience
College English Classes are a stepping stone for all students who want to peruse a college degree, and they are very effective for students who will be having to take higher English Courses. When I first started college, I took the English 101 Course, and then, I took the English 102 Course. After attending both of these classes, they helped me grow as a writer, and prepared me for the future English Courses that I will be taking.
When I first began the English Writing Program, I was a little concerned with having to write my first paper, but the nervousness quickly dissipated when I knew that my professor would be helping us with our writing. The professor made English 101 easy by showing us our writing mistakes to help us improve our papers, and therefore, helped us grow as writers. By the time I took English 102, I was more confident with my writing than ever before.
In the beginning of English 101, I was concerned with having to write in first person, which was something that I did not have a lot of previous expe...

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