College Entrance Paper to the Department of Sociology

College Entrance Paper to the Department of Sociology

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In early part of my undergraduate classes of sociology, for the first time, I understood the distinction between routine work and passion-driven involvement. While attending the classes, I started to learn gradually to look at my known surroundings in a totally different light through the sociological lenses. In my childhood, my grandfather once told me something laconic: everyone sees, but a very few observes. In the embodiment process of my graduation, I experienced in sociology classes, I could finally begin to realize what actually he meant by those words. It was a whole paradigm shift for me which still drives me to continue the endeavor of studying sociology.
With that zeal I started my freshman year in the department of sociology in the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I completed my undergraduate student life achieving first class. Then I got admittance in the Masters’ level in the same university simply to satisfy my thirst of getting more from this subject. I achieved first class again and joined the academia with a view that the best way to learn is to teach. Since then on I have been teaching at undergraduate level in reputed universities of Bangladesh. In my first faculty position I worked as a lecturer and then as a senior lecturer from 2005 to May 2008 in East West University. There I taught Introduction to Sociology, Eastern Culture & Heritage, and Bangladesh studies. Then I joined United International University from June 2008 to date as an assistant professor teaching introduction to sociology, introduction to psychology, and organizational behavior.
Among the diversified yet interconnected courses taken so far as a student of sociology, I have completed two research methodology courses (one introductory course...

... middle of paper ... known that the inception of doctoral program here was in 1970. So it has already established a benchmark of academic excellence and a threshold of professional achievement in guiding graduate students. Finally one would feel quite contemplated to be a part of alumni of this graduate cohort who have occupied not only esteemed academic positions in the national and international sociological community but also in non-academic world with dexterity in policy roles, research institutions and advocacy organizations which earned a huge reputation to this graduate school made it a commendable place to have a training from.
These operational features of Carleton's graduate program would manifest cutting edge research-ability in me with broadening and enriching the embodiment of my general understanding of the concerning sociological issues.

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