College Education : Worth It Or Not Essay

College Education : Worth It Or Not Essay

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College Education: Worth It or Not
Rodney Smith argues that a college education is worth the costs in his essay, “Yes, A College Education is Worth the Costs.” He contends that higher education is an investment and stewardship. He supports this by showing that unemployment rates go down as the level of education rises and that pay goes up as education level rises. He tells the story of his grandfather using his life savings to allow his father to go to college instead of to work on the family farm; his father realized the sacrifice and made sure to use the funds wisely and went on to graduate near the top of his law school class. Smith relies on appeals to logos (facts/reason) and pathos (emotions) to argue his position. Smith does acknowledge that concerns about student debt and educational quality are valid and fails to refute these arguments. He instead argues that the real point is that education is an investment and stewardship. It is as if he does not place much importance on the issues of student debt and educational quality.
Marty Nemko argues that too many people a...

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