College Education Will Change My Life Forever ! Essay

College Education Will Change My Life Forever ! Essay

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This College Education Will Change My Life Forever!

This college education will result in dramatic life changes in so many positive ways, upon earning a college education and Associate 's Degree in Business and Accounting Administration at Independence University. It will open more income-making career opportunities and will help in becoming financially stable for the first time, resulting in having the means to provide for a beautiful daughter, named Makayla, who wants to be with her mommy, again. Most importantly of all of the many positive changes this will bring to my life is having the chance to grow as a person, as a mommy and as a successful businesswoman.

College graduates not only are more likely to earn a higher paying income, but are proven to have a full-time job unlike someone who did not graduate from college. Knowing these facts are very motivating to work hard and to continue education with the incentive of finally becoming financially stable for the first time, bringing hope for a light at the end of the tunnel!

I have experienced considerable...

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