Essay on College Education Still Worth It For Everyone

Essay on College Education Still Worth It For Everyone

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As the numbers of college graduates employment have increased for each years, many people have being debating that whether everyone should have college education and whether college education still worth it for everyone. Some people found that they did not gain the benefits that they wish from college education, and some people found that they still could not find the job they desire after they spent all the money they have on college education and being in heavy debts. Therefore, people started to believe that colleges are not designed for everyone, and force oneself to attend colleges could lead to negative outcomes. Consequently, people who cannot afford to attend colleges, who do not have adequate academic skills to be successful in colleges, and who desire not to attend should not go to four-year colleges because they would obtain more negative consequences than positive outcomes.
For individuals who cannot afford four-year colleges, they should not attend colleges by ignoring their capabilities to pay. Four-year colleges’ tuition is rising by each year, so college education would be a heavy financial burden for people who pay tuition and housing during school years in debt. They could not afford school and housing expense for various reasons, such as low-income family background, but they still did it by taking loans because they hope that they could gain more benefits by doing such a investment. However, it would not be a wise investment when the person could not clear off the costs of investing, and many colleges graduates would not pay off their students loans in five years after graduation. A famous journalist Edward McClelland says “In a recent survey, 24 percent defined the American Dream as ‘not being in debt.’ They a...

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...le who do not have enough academic skills, they need development that do not lies on academic performance, instead they could directly go for job training programs and master the professional skills that are in demand; for people who prefer not to attend colleges, they need more options that are closer to their desires and dreams, that they like doing and they are also good at.
Four-year colleges are not suitable for people that do not have enough money to pay for, people that are not much above the line of colleges’ requirements, and people who prefer not attend colleges. For them, colleges are no longer a tool to help them succeed, but a barrier that keeps them away from their true dreams. If they cannot understand why they would only acquire more negative outcomes than positive ones, college education for them would remain a shallow decision and a blind investment.

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