College Education Is Worth The Debt Essay example

College Education Is Worth The Debt Essay example

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There is tremendous pressure for students to attend college. With the rising costs of tuition, lack of financial aid, and reduction in state and local support of institutions. Students and families are left with increased responsibilities of funding their education. Hence, leaving countless students wondering if they should even attend college. Students should research the costs, institutions, potential majors, financial aid, and future labor earnings before making the final decision on where to attend college. These are the factors to consider when examining whether or not a college education is worth the debt. The more informed students are about the costs of college, the more apt they are to make the best decision. Oreopouls and Petronijevic (2013), concedes that students who are well informed about postsecondary education are able to make right decision about their college education. President Obama views colleges as an "economic imperative that every family in America has to be able to afford" and he has set a national goal that by 2020, "America will once again have the proportion of college graduates in the world"(Orepoulous and Petronijevic, 2013). The purpose of this paper is to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of having a college degree as well as how it relates to student loan debt.
The research indicates that students with a college degree benefits more financially and culturally than a high school graduate. College graduates tend to earn more than high school graduates, yet, it varies depending on their occupation. Additionally, college graduates overall have a better quality of life than those who do not earn a college degree. There are well-documented benefits of earning a college...

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...unterparts. Consequently, the Millennials, who are college graduates enjoy the benefits of a higher education. Furthermore, society benefits from a more educated and skilled workforce.
There has been an influx of students returning to college to meet the increased demand of more skilled workers in the area of new technologies (Oreopoulos and Petronijevic, 2013). According to President Obama, America’s economic growth depends on the education and skills of its workers. Workers will need more than a high school education to meet the demand of the job market. These jobs will require at least an associate degree . As a result, the President has set two goals, which are to once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world, and community colleges will produce an additional 5 million graduates to meet the market demands (

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