College Education Is Worth More Valuable Than Other Worldly Materials Essay

College Education Is Worth More Valuable Than Other Worldly Materials Essay

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Education is such a thing that is much more valuable than any other worldly materials. It is the gateway to the knowledge of life and the way of living it. When talking about gaining an education, people can get it from two ways either by experience or by learning in educational institute such as a college. Experience happens naturally, but learning in college requires voluntary action. Everyone has his or her own opinion about college education. Many experts have shown their interests in this subject. College education is much often debated regarding its worthiness and importance. Many people have the perception that students who receive more education are more likely to experience a better future and a better quality of life but some denies this and claim that a college education does not guarantee the better future and a better quality of life. College education is worth having because it is the base of the development of the country and helps to build a better future on an individual.
Education is one of the important factors for the development of the country. Specifically, higher education paves the future and provides opportunity for students that attend college and gives them a shot for a career. When colleges produce skilled manpower, it increases the internal resource of the nation contributing towards the development of the nation. It is believed that college educated people do stand a better chance of landing a job than those who don 't attend a secondary school. According to Clayton, “Individuals with bachelor’s degrees earn about 60 percent more than those with just a high school diploma, who in turn earn about 40 percent more than high school dropouts."(Clayton 20) This statement helps to understand how the e...

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..., no more nurses to take care of sick people and no specialist, the world would not be a better place to live in.
Finally, college will be beneficial to many people and they will experience a positive consequence over their years of education. Also, students can be more benefited if they attend a college that best suits them. By attending college, students have a higher chance of economic success in the future, have a better quality of life, and undergo a great opportunity to explore a wide variety of possible paths. A student success, in every way, is related to the upliftment of a country’s socio-economical aspect. Educated population helps to foster the development process of a country, including health, transportation, communication, employment etc. College education, therefore, leads to the development of the country and better future of an individual.

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