Essay College Education Is Important For Life

Essay College Education Is Important For Life

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College education is perhaps the most important part that any person can have in their life. Studies show that college education is necessary because when people get higher education there is a great chance that those people will be successful in life and many employers prefer to hire applicants who hold college degrees. The purpose of having college education is to give people unlimited opportunities to get in a job like high salaries and better life skills. People who don’t have college education have tons of limited options when looking for a job. Many studies have shown that many people that have higher education make more money than people that don’t have a college degree. In order for people to succeed in their career, college education is the key to be successful in their job.

The ways that college education is necessary that it gives people a greater chance of earning a high salary and college education is one of the best investments for time and money for a person’s career. According to The New York Times, there are statistics that explains that college education is worth it. The article lists that “Americans with a four-year college degree make 98 percent more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree. That’s about 89 percent five years earlier, 85 percent a decade earlier and 64 percent in the early 1980s”. The data explains the people that have a four-year have the best chance of earning a high salary than those who don’t go to college (Is College worth it?).

Another way that college education is necessary is that people that get a four-year degree has better opportunities than those who don’t have a degree. According to CollegeView , high school graduates today are unable to get the number of high-payi...

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...puter, was playing around with electronics as a kid. This shows one example of how people were successful in life without having a college degree (How Can You Be Successful With or Without a College Degree).

This research paper explains why college education is necessary because when people get higher education there is a great chance that those people will be successful in life and many employers like to hire applicants who hold college degrees. The purpose of having college education is to give people plenty of opportunities to get in a job like high salaries and better life skills. People that don’t have college education have limited options when looking for a job and the people who have higher education have a better chance of succeeding in life. In order for people to be successful in their career, college education is the key to be successful in their job.

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