College Education : An Essential Part Of Life Essay

College Education : An Essential Part Of Life Essay

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In the US alone, 67% of people believe that education is extremely important, however, for every 9th graders, only 44 out of 100 would attend college, stated in College Board’s recent research about people’s perception of education. In other word, when it comes to the topic of education, most would agree that it is an essential part of life. When this agreement usually ends, however, is one the question of whether or not college education is important and do we really need one. Whereas some would nod their heads ferociously, others would maintain on the defense of secondary education. Personally, even though I could see both ways of the arguments, I’m in favor of higher education because in today’s society, wanted to admit or not, college education can help ones a lot with their life and so, it is necessary to have one.
With that being said, let talk about the values of college education. First of all, although secondary knowledge gives a person information about the general world, it fails to land them on a solid ground, which college delivers. To be more specific, college education is more concentrated, and when one finished their degree, they can not only find jobs in that major, but in a lot of related major. This can be illustrated in Blue-Collar Brilliance by Mike Rose, a well known writer on the issue of literacy and a professor at UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information, and I quote, “I studied the humanities and later the social and psychological sciences and taught for 10 years in a range of situations—elementary school, adult education courses, tutoring centers, a program for Vietnam veterans who wanted to go to college. Then I went back to graduate school to study education and cognitive psychology and eventu...

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...t with some hard works and dedications, in the end, he was able to finished it, got out to the real world, became a doctor, and now, the ones who doubted him before had to come to him for advices, and that is why for me, college is very crucial and we should have it. To be more specific, the existence of college gives people like my father a chance to start all over, a chance to rebuild their lives from the ground, and a chance to become somebody. Finally, we, as the whole society, should have college because if can help a has-been like my father to become success, then the sky is the limit to the younger generations if they willing to do their work, the gap of society is just a small distance that everyone could cover, and that the American’s dream is a reality that everyone could not just dream up, but it’s in reach if the right amount of time and effort are spend.

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