College Debt : A Controversial Topic Essay

College Debt : A Controversial Topic Essay

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College debt. College debt is a controversial topic. Some people say it is worth the debt others say it is not worth the debt. College is worth the debt. Statistics prove that the higher amount of money you earn annually coincides with the higher education you have received. For example “Lifetime earnings for a college graduate are substantially higher than of someone without a college degree, even when you deduct all the money you would have made if you worked full-time and the costs of student loans. Plus, this earning gap is getting wider.”(Source4). This shows that the possibility of getting in debt for a college degree pays off. Besides the ability of getting a higher education can make you a better person indirectly and directly.
College debt for higher education. Higher education you are able to receive can benefit you in the long run. Getting higher education can mean “more likely to find job opportunities and be employed. They are also less likely to lose their jobs in a recession.” (Source4). Getting higher education means you are able to have a stable platform for a job. With the stability of a job can mean you are able to keep getting paid, while others are losing their jobs, or getting a deduction out of their paycheck. Getting that higher education can have you receiving larger paychecks. For example any college education shows a yearly income of an estimated $30,000. The higher you move up the chain of education the higher the income and gap increases. A bachelor’s degree can receive $45,000-60,000. Masters $50,000-75,000. Doctoral $55,000-90,000. Finally a professional degree can get you $55,000-120,000 annually. (Source2). This goes to show if you do have to get in debt for a higher education, you have a higher p...

... middle of paper ... more worth it than some people seem.
College debt is it worth it? Yes, College is worth the debt. Not only will it benefit you in the long run in work benefits like healthcare, dental, and many other company options. But it will let you have a stable job platform as well. Getting a degree makes you a better person, not only for your own benefit but your community, family, and friends. It will also make you a happier person having a career rather than a job, doing something you love rather than something you like. Getting higher education will be able to give you larger paychecks, ranging from a possible $45,000 all the way to $120,000 annually, thus being able to have a greater possibility of paying off any debt you incurred going to school. So yes college debt is worth it. It creates a whole new world of opportunities to be able to run free and succeed in life.

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