College Classrooms And High School Classrooms Essay

College Classrooms And High School Classrooms Essay

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Many people may think college classrooms and high school classrooms are the same because they have the primary structures of a classroom, and both of them are considered to be a learning environment, the truth is they do not contain as much similarities as people may think such as appearance, classroom sizes and the age difference. People have a conception that all classrooms should look the same, although in college the situation changes. Have you ever had the opportunity to look at both classrooms? If yes, then I’m sure you have noticed the big difference in each room.
Classrooms in high school always seemed to be decorated, and treat the students like kids. I remember when I was in high school the classrooms were decorated accordantly to the subject theme. For instance, my Spanish classroom was decorated with bright colors that demonstrated the Hispanic culture. It had small little piñatas across the room. The teacher always had posters that caught the attention of students as well as other people. My other classes had objects that demonstrated what the class was about as well. When we were in class he had to raise our hand to ask for permission when we wanted to use the restroom, we always had a big papers on the wall that had all the rules in big bold letters. High school classrooms seem to bring excitement, joy, and interest because they seem to get students more happy being in the classrooms. Teachers decorate the classrooms however they please, because they know the classroom will be there’s the rest of the year. High school classrooms seem more dedicated with the learning of the students.
While College classroom’s are very plain and, simple. They do not contain any bright colors or any posters around th...

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... younger or older than you. In College we have different people from different ages in the same classrooms. The first couple of day’s I had my classes I felt weird, because some of the people who are in my class were much older than I am, but I am older than other people as well. In a way that made me feel weird, but I do not feel weird anymore. When we attend college we are responsible for paying books as well as our classes, when people decide to attend college no one is forcing us. We are the ones who decide to do this. We do not have to ask for permission when we have to use the restroom. College teachers are not there to be babysitting students around they only tell you once what to do you are responsible for doing your work, and turning your work in. If you know you are going to miss a day you should communicate with the instructor, and tell them the situation.

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