College Classroom Incivility And Its Effects On The Learning Process And The Retention Of Students

College Classroom Incivility And Its Effects On The Learning Process And The Retention Of Students

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College classroom incivility refers to some form of disruptive behavior which shows disrespect or disregard for the trainer and fellow students. Classroom courtesy has been declining over the years to the point where the mood in the college classroom has greatly changed. It is common to hear tenured and untenured college instructors complaining about the misconduct of students in their classes both at undergraduate and graduate levels. The problem is that, even the mildest form of incivility has significant negative impacts on the learning process and the retention of students. When students engage in disruptive behavior like answering phone calls in class, they waste a lot of their valuable time and also interfere with the learning process of those around them. They also reduce the chances of engaging in meaningful classroom discussions through productive dialogues. This paper seeks detailed insight on college classroom incivility.
College classroom incivility is often manifested in numerous ways. The most common way is the use of technology during class. It is not unusual to find students sending text messages when the instructor is in class, multitasking while taking notes on their laptops, and in some occasions, taking a call. Researchers from Stanford University established that students who had prolonged multitasking habits were easily distracted. The distraction greatly affects their concentration and learning process. Also, when students spend a lot of time multitasking on their laptops while taking notes, they lose a lot since they rarely pay attention. The students are thus at a high risk of not learning as a result. The behavior is aggravated by the need to continually be on social networking sites and to check email up...

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...ey should also give a baseline of their expectations and what the students must do to meet these expectations (Itzkovich and Alt 9). In all these, the teacher should be a model of good behavior since what they do clearly indicates what the students should do.
College classroom incivility is an issue that has continued to thrive and is mostly manifested in the 21st century classrooms. This is mainly contributed by technology and is manifested in the use of mobile phones and laptops for other purposes other than learning while in class. It is also manifested in the kind of etiquette and the general attitude of students in class. Instructors have the power to control the onset of these behaviors through formulation and implementation of policies. However, they have to be role models since their behavior is a great representation of how students should behave.

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