College Athletes Should Receive Extra Compensation Essay

College Athletes Should Receive Extra Compensation Essay

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College athletes should receive a full scholarship and extra compensation from their school's profits during the athletic season. If you created millions of dollars of revenue for an organization, would you think you deserve some of the cut? College athletes are being used by universities as a means of underpaid labor. The college athletes are confused on their identity as a student. They are different in some ways and the same as other college students when it comes to compensation. College athletes create massive revenues for universities and deal with many unjust rules. The US government should force the NCAA to pay college athletes. College athletes are harassed by gruesome NCAA rules, receive no compensation, and are dangerously manipulated.

The graph above shows the published breakdown of the percentage of NCAA profits. The NCAA makes massive amounts of revenue per year, exceeding the worth of a student athlete's scholarship. The median total of revenue reported by NCAA in 2010 was $ 48,298,000. With the amount of student athletes being 611, it makes you question where all this excess revenue is headed. The average worth of a student athlete's scholarship is $36,000, while the average revenue created is $79,047.46. College football and college basketball produce revenues of more than $6 billion every year. Not one penny goes toward paying the people who make the sports possible: the student athletes. The NCAA fails to fully award student athletes, which is present with the prevalence NCAA rules.

Many of the NCAA rules for student athletes limit student athletes natural given rights. Student athletes are not allowed to receive financial aid from certain people when it is clear that student athletes do not have time to k...

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