Essay on College Athlete Compensation

Essay on College Athlete Compensation

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College Athlete Compensation
Imagine working 40 plus hours a week, and you start very early in the morning and sometimes go into the night working to be the best. Sometimes you even work more than that. Imagine having a job and not getting paid, but, rather, you were just doing it because you loved it. That’s what a college athlete’s life is like; they play because they love it but don’t even get a dime. Would you still do your job if you didn’t get paid?
College athletes should get paid to compensate their hard work. In order to better understand why college athletes should be paid, we need to learn why the NCAA doesn’t already pay them, what would the salaries be, and how much time do they put into their sports. Then, we need to know if the sport you play would affect how much you get paid, would it affect coaches pay and other personnel, and how many division one athletes are there?
Currently college athletes do not get paid because of the agreement they sign with the NCAA which states that they cannot receive pay for play. The NCAA still views these athletes as amateurs even though they are some of the best athletes in the world. Also, they give out scholarships worth up to $125,000 which allow these athletes to go to school for free.
The next question we need to find out is how much college athletes would be paid and what the salaries would be. This year Andrew Wiggins was worth $1.6 million while Johnny Manziel was worth $547,000. The projected market value for the average college basketball is $375,000 and for the average college football player is worth $178,000. Colleges would not be able to pay players millions of dollars but would be able to if it was in the hundred thousands. The most profitable college football...

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...less ( Rod Carey of Northern Illinois makes $376K a year). I think that one thing that could affect the pay is what school you go to, at Alabama you will more than likely make more than someone at a smaller school because of the difference in revenues. We can only know for sure of that if the NCAA does allow pay for play and sets the guidelines otherwise we have no idea.
Currently there are over 100,000 division one students athletes. Basketball is the number one sport numbers wise with 350 teams throughout the country. Baseball is second with 298 teams. There are many other sports these are just a couple of the top ones. This also shows how many athletes there are. Most of these athletes will never go pro so they should get paid to play their sport while they can. For football only about 4% of the the players will go pro which is not very many at all.

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