College Application Essay on Chemistry

College Application Essay on Chemistry

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I have always been inspired by the workings of chemistry and mathematics. My studies of these subjects have developed my understanding and have made me pursue my interest in these two topics. I want to take up chemistry as it involves a large amount of mathematics which I value and understand to be challenging, yet very enjoyable, as there is always an alternative route to obtain the answer. Additionally, I am drawn to the course because it is a mixture of all these exacting subjects, forming a degree that is very demanding and stimulating. Chemists are constantly thinking of new ways to produce viable drugs containing different isomers to improve the pharmaceutical sector using mathematical equations. Chemistry is about innovation, applying information to new areas and how to do things better than they were before, the degree appeals to and fascinates me.

I have decided to choose this type of science degree because I love the mathematical challenges working out physical chemistry calculations such as equilibrium and lattice enthalpies. Furthermore, I know that chemists have to be f...

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