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The opportunity to share myself via this personal statement has taken me more years than I care to admit to, but I have emerged a much more confident and capable person. As a young adult, fresh out of high school, I had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up. My parents are highly educated articulate people who made it look easy. Watching them move through life with confidence led me to believe that I should have felt more driven, or, smarter. I suspected that perhaps all of their intelligence and ability had bypassed me completely, had my own genetics let me down? The truth is I am just as smart and capable as they are; I am just a late bloomer. My father later told me that he floundered his first few years in college and drifted into graduate school to avoid leaving the security of the education system. I sincerely wished he had shared this sage advice with me as a younger woman.
I married young, had two amazing daughters and invested my energy in ensuring that they enjoyed a diverse and healthy childhood. This of course would launch them into the world as amazing, confident women. Truthfully, children, especially teenage girls should likely have a warning label. The idea that reading every book I could get my hands on regarding rearing emotionally healthy children was foolish. When mom has to go into the garage to take time out, it is time for a change. This serendipitous decision has changed my life forever. I lucked into a job as a file clerk for a large private Cardiology practice, where I earned the nickname “the sponge” from our lead Echo-cardiographer, I was soaking up all the information. The providers opted to move me into scheduling, and eventually into back-office work with patients. I flourished with the enco...

... middle of paper ..., I feel successful and strong in school as a result.
It is one thing to say you are a strong, hardworking student, but another thing entirely to convey this without tooting your own horn. The effort and hours involved in studying to achieve excellence in school is significant. The takeaway for me are, my strong grades, confidence in my learning ability and a future as a well-educated nurse. The hardships that I have experienced as a single mother, and working student have taught me this; I am an overcomer of obstacles through my own efforts. My passion for a quality education is unwavering as is my goal to become an incredible nurse in the near future. Part of my motivation is indeed my own personal goal, but also as ambassador to my daughters. Even through hardship, if you let go of the grief and frustration and focus on the goal you can achieve anything.

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