College Academics Fueling Anxiety Among College Students Essay

College Academics Fueling Anxiety Among College Students Essay

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College Academics Fueling Anxiety in College Students
As a freshman going into college, there are many things to stress about. This includes the fact that you are moving away from your familiar home of 18 years, the act of meeting new friends, attempting to find your way around a new, intimidating atmosphere and in general, all the freedom you are about to take on for the very first time. Freshman year is a time to adjust to being on your own and figure out who you want to be and where you fit in the overall scheme of things, not to have anxiety associated with your academics. Fortunately, there are ways that teachers and students can relieve freshmen of the stress of learning this first year at school.
Many freshman students have found themselves anxious about learning new material, the new courses they’re taking in general, or panicking before an exam or before receiving a grade back. Researchers have found that there is many ways professors can change the way they are teaching their courses to decrease stress level of their students. Since there is a lot of anxiety correlated wit...

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