College : A Culture Shock For Me Essay

College : A Culture Shock For Me Essay

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College has been such a culture shock for me. I never would have pictured myself being here. I am a freshman at the Community College of Rhode Island after unsuccessfully tried The talent development program at the University of Rhode Island. When I first entered the Community College of Rhode Island I was scared. I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to be I believed that college was going to be a waste. Evers nice I enrolled to The Community College of Rhode Island The path to my success has cleared its way, figuring what I want to be after struggling to pick a major. All my life I had to to work twice as hard to get something that most people require minimal effort to attain. In high school, I was known to be an athlete although I wasn’t the best I worked my tail off all four years of high school I won many achievements and accomplished many things. In high school math teacher let me slip by and let me go even if they didn’t believe in my excuses. In my high school career, I had a few tough teachers, but at the end they always all through because of my charisma. After being babied throughout my whole life I enter the adult phase and it hasn’t been so easy. I always have one motive that I carry on no matter what. The motive of bettering myself and in time is better than my sister since I’m always in her shadow. My character possesses many strengths and weaknesses My personality makes me who I am today my voice, my attitude my determination to be created is what pushes me to be great in life. I am a motivator who needs to motivate myself before anyone else and my passion to help people who in needs will forever be part of my life. Throughout my life I made mistakes like all humans do. In my lifetime, I met many wonderful people t...

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...e. Time management lowers the work load and does wonders when you realize how much time you actually spend doing the most unimportant things you soon start to quest yourself. Tim managing is a flaw that I will overcome. Time manage will help me progress in the near future. In life there will be barriers n course help me develop my 32-day plan and also a 24-hour schedule which I am still working on it 32-day plan helped me immensely and I am thankful I learned these skills in my college success class, for example, every day I write my time from start to finish and I figure that most of my time is spent doing nothing that 3 hours I take to sleep would of been used to do my homework. All of these skills are tied meaning you can’t have one instead of the other. College success has taught me skills that helped me and I am glad that I decided to enroll in college sucessul

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