Collecting Scientific Research Data Essay

Collecting Scientific Research Data Essay

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In his short paper Phillips (2010), attempted to explain the development of the use of observation by the research industry and the way the industry has begun to self-regulate themselves in order to maintain public confidence. With the various methods of collecting scientific research data coming under scrutiny when it involves researching the human, it is only logical that with the advancement of the internet and how humans use it, that internet research should also fall within these guidelines.
Over the years, researchers have tried to link stress to several studies and Skakon et al. 2010 in their conclusion found limited support for the proposition that leader stress and well-being is associated with employee stress and well being. While formulating my research problem I had listed stress as a criteria to investigate further as it relates to organizational leaders and employees, upon reviewing the questions below and completing my homework assignment I can safely say the question I had in mind is of no value to my research.

Naturalistic Observation and Data Collection

Naturalistic observation is where one or more observers in a specific research environment, observes behavior, and records their findings in a reliable manner. In layman’s terms, this is called field observation and researchers must take great care not to alter or influence the behaviors they are observing. Once a researcher decides to conduct his/her research using the naturalistic observation method they will be observing the respondents in their natural environment.
Data collection takes place where the behaviors of the observant typically occurs, these studies tend to be generalizable to other populations, human or animal. Naturalistic o...

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