Essay on The Collarbone Incident

Essay on The Collarbone Incident

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “responsibility is a duty or task that you are required or expected to do.” When I observed the definition of responsibility, my parents came to mind. However, parents are not the only people who have responsibilities, but they tend to be the first thing most people think about when referring to responsibilities. Everyone has certain responsibilities they must take care of, but today the concept of one’s own responsibilities is foreign. Almost everyone feels that certain responsibilities do not apply to them, even though, they were involved. In my case, my parents failed to follow through with their responsibilities when involving their own child. When I was a little girl, not able to help myself, I broke my collarbone and my parents did not help me right away. Based on the situation involving my parents and I, I believe parents of a dependent not capable of independence are responsible to provide help when needed.
As a little girl, I was always known as the child who gets hurt almost all the time. I could never escape an injury even if my life depended on it. There was one incident that occurred that my parents and I still disagree on till this day. It all started one day when my brother and I were playing in our room after a long day at our uncle’s house for a family gathering. After playing for a while, my brother and I decided we both would like something sweet to eat, so we went to ask our mother for some ice cream. When our mother said we could get some, my brother and I jumped for joy and I went to retrieve the sweet substance. I was so excited about getting ice cream that I ran down the stairs to go get it. My journey down the stairs was not the easiest and ended in a lot of ...

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...h about growing up. In my case, I was a vulnerable little girl who did not know how to take care of myself, but with “grown children” they are capable of helping themselves, but they choose not to. If a grown child was in the same situation I was in when I broke my collarbone, they would be physically and mentally able to pick up the phone and call for help or even drive themselves to a hospital to be treated for their injury. I, as a little girl, was not able to do these things because I did not have the knowledge or the ability.
To clear up any misinterpretations relating to my thesis, I can revise my thesis by stating that parents of a dependent not capable of independence are responsible to provide help when needed and cannot be obtained in any other way. This revision will ultimately define the responsibilities parents have when it comes to their children.

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