The Collapse Of The Roman Republic Essay

The Collapse Of The Roman Republic Essay

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“He is said to have been tall of stature… except that towards the end.” What was it that really led to the fall of the Roman Republic? There are a lot of different factors to consider when trying to determine what caused the collapse. By examining The Rubicon, The Life of Julius Caesar, and some accompanying handouts from class, this paper will discuss how the Roman Republic did not collapse because of one factor. The collapse of the Roman Republic was like that of a game of Jenga. Factors were pulled out of the Republican system just like a game of Jenga until the Republic could not stand anymore.
Before diving into the reasons for the Roman Republic’s collapse, there must be an explanation of the game Jenga. Jenga is a game where you create a tower of wooden blocks that then must be pulled out one by one until someone knocks the tower down. Pulling out a block causes the structure to become weaker and eventually the tower will become so weak that it will fall. This analogy is perfect at describing how the Roman Republic eventually became so weak that it had to fall.
The first factor that contributed to the collapse of the Roman Republic was when Sulla became dictator. Sulla was a successful general who rose to power in Rome trough the military. In 88 B.C.E., Sulla marched on Rome and became in control through the next couple years. In 81 B.C.E., he created the proscriptions which were to target his enemies. This started the Jenga game of pulling out the foundations of the Roman Republic because it led to the rise of Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was one of Sulla’s enemies that was affected by the proscriptions. Julius Caesar was forced to go into hiding to stay safe from Sulla. Eventually, Julius Caesar obtained forgiveness thro...

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...nly imagine what it was like having to obey these laws. One law even states that, “It has been decided that a husbands who does not at once dismiss his wife whom he has taken in adultery can be prosecuted as a pimp.” Augustus was not only overhauling the laws, but he was also overhauling Rome. He had grown so powerful that the Roman Republic could not stand because all of the previous blocks that had been pulled from the Jenga tower.
The collapse of the Roman Republic had finally become that game of ancient Jenga. The Republic could not stand anymore because too many factors had been pulled out of the Republican system. It was great men that had destroyed the Republic by creating too many flaws in the structure. The words sung at Julius Caesar’s funeral were not only the words of Caesar, but also of the Roman Republic, “Saved I these men that they might murder me?”

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