The Collapse Of European Imperialism Essay

The Collapse Of European Imperialism Essay

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Social Studies are my intended content I plan to teach upon graduation. Over the years I have grew a love for US History but Global History is far more captivating especially because I am learning about countries other than the one I live in. After carefully reading the New York State Content Social Studies Framework I have decided to span on a unit focused on the 20th century since 1945 on a global perspective. There are many themes to this topic but I will focus on the Collapse of European imperialism. The twentieth Century is a period of critical change. During the beginning of the twentieth Century, the stability of the nineteenth Century was tested and toppled. All through the period new financial and political association and social expression rose. The unit concentrates in transit in which the countries of Europe, Africa and the Western World reacted to changes and crisis and the impact of peoples ' lives around the world. Throughout eight weeks students will be able to identify significant events that contributed to the development of global history in the modern era.
Topics that will be presented in this Unit is as follows (P.19-24 on Content Standard):
Collapse of European imperialism
• Human & physical geography 

• India—independence & partition 

- Political system
- Muslim/Hindu conflicts
- Status of the caste system
- Roles of Mohandas Gandhi & Jawaharlal Nehru
- Nonalignment
- Kashmir & Punjab
• African independence movements & Pan Africanism
- Changing political boundaries in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, & Kenya)
- Roles of Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba & Kwame Nkrumah
- Economic links to former colonial powers
- Ethnic tensions vs. nationalism: Nigeria & civil war
- Apa...

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...worldwide issues from WWII and other events that lead to the collapse of European imperialism through pictures and art exhibited at the museum.
This unit is very important and interesting to me as a teacher. It is captivating to see how things fall apart in the 20th century after a very firm 19th century. The shift in modernization influences the collapse of European imperialism but today in 2016 we witness history repeating itself in a different form. While others use the terminology of modernization theory this term has many concepts of imperialism. Students did not experience imperialism but they experience different forms of modernization in our urban cities. Students get to raise questions on how modernization has effect them socially, morally, economically and physically. They begin to investigate the world in which they live in and the effects on their lives.

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