Essay on The Collapse Of Communism And The Process Of Globalization

Essay on The Collapse Of Communism And The Process Of Globalization

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So this is actually important! Would be a good introduction: the author identifies the criteria by which the discipline may justify its existence and distinguishes these from invalid standards, notably a misconceived appeal to scientific procedure and goals or a demand for immediate relevance. He compares the bases of theoretical work and of engagement with historical and contemporary actuality, and the other one that is the inevitability and desirability of a tension between reflection and practice. After this he examines how IR responds to two major challenges of recent years – the collapse of communism and the process of “globalization”. He also makes points of which IR may develop both in fulfilling the criteria of academic adequacy and in responding to the challenges of contemporary world.

To be added to the introduction: social sciences, in order to justify their existence, have to correspond to things that are used/studied/practiced in the outside world. In this perspective, IR has at its basics one of the most discussed topic in the world – the relations between states, war power, the intersection of military and economic interest, the ethics of dealing with foreigners. These topics existed for thousands of years.

A bit of history of the appearance of social sciences: SS appeared in response to a challenge/problem/ crisis in the world, that needed to be studied and ways of solving those to be invented. They appeared a century or two ago in response to changes in the world.

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What IR stands for, what is it dealing with?
IR does not deal with a fixed object. With nations: the question is not if change is occurring or if boundary or external commerce is desirable, but with what aspects of the past, (historical ...

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...he Cold War was good in a sense for IR. The League of Nations and WW2 established the realism as the dominant approach within the academic field – the Cold War on the other hand reinforced the importance of the international within universities. Reason to that is that societies feared the danger of interstate nuclear war.

In the realist approach (what is a realistic approach?) – The CW was a saga in the great power rivalry. After the Collapse of communism some practical issues eroded for the IR students – nationalism, migration, propagation and separation among them. What happened in 1989 & 1991 and why the historians argue that those events show how little can be produced by theorizing. Revolutions from 1989-1991 proved that such historic events should not be only discussed on the theoretical level but based on such events, solutions should be put into practice.

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