The Collaborative Teacher Education Program At West Virginia University Essay

The Collaborative Teacher Education Program At West Virginia University Essay

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As a Participant in the Benedum Collaborative Teacher Education Program at West Virginia University, I was fortunate to be placed at Morgantown High School as my Professional Development School. My time at Morgantown High has been wonderful and I have met many influential teachers and students who have only boosted my wanting to become a teacher. I hope to become an influential and life-changing teacher that gives students a different perspective on mathematics. In order to become such a teacher, I must begin to know and understand my students. The relationships that teachers develop with their students allow teachers to make the most out of their classroom in which we plan, deliver, and assess our lessons and how we shape the learning environment.
The student that I chose for this inquiry will be referred to as “Student A.” The reason that I chose Student A for this inquiry is because she is a great example of the average student in the classes that I was engaged in at Morgantown High School. Student A was a very approachable student and she would not hold back from saying what she felt. I felt that Student A gave a great representation of the students that I worked with and because of her rapport with her fellow classmates, teachers, and myself was extraordinary. The student is a white female, she is 16 years old, and she plays soccer for Morgantown High School.
The thing that I found most interesting about this student was the fact that she performed very well on last year’s standardized testing and she does very well in math class, as well as her other classes; however, this student does not like math class at all. This was something that was fairly universal for the classes that I was in at Morgantown High. ...

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...tant during the day, and what subjects or topics that she finds enjoyable. The interview with my mentor teacher was so that I can get a better understanding of Student A’s strengths as a member of the classroom and a different perspective on her relationships with other students and teachers.
Finally, the student work samples were collected so I can see what topics Student A finds enjoyable. Work samples of Student A also allowed me to see her strengths as a member of the classroom and compare them with the rest of the class (and the other classes). Work samples of Student A also made me dig deeper into her feelings about school and her feelings about learning. I was not expecting work samples to shape the other sources of data that I collected, but the work samples definitely influenced what I explored through the collection of other data sources.

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