Collaborative Strategic Reading and Reciprocal Teaching Essay

Collaborative Strategic Reading and Reciprocal Teaching Essay

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In Elementary School, there are many children that tend not to pay attention when teachers are giving the reading lessons so teachers argue with them without figuring out the precise reasons for that behavior. As teachers, we need to develop the abilities to catch up when children have any kind of learning problems, in this case a reading disability. If the reading disability is not detected at an early time, many children would probably be affected for the rest of their lives as adults. The reading process has the power that benefits millions of children around the world to increase awareness of the things that happen in our world and prepare them with a great foundation for academic excellence. The reading process is valuable for our knowledge base. Also, it develops the mind and a vital skill that will help children to find better jobs that require reading as part of job performance. If many children with reading disabilities have collaborative reading interventions, collaborative strategic readings (CSR), and reciprocal teaching, they would be able to better address reading problems. If teachers focus on providing these reading strategies to help students better perform in schools, there will not be many children with reading problems or who have so many puzzlements by the time they reach a certain age. For this variety of reasons, these collaborative reading interventions, collaborative strategic readings, and reciprocal teaching can help teachers identify children’s specific reading problems, but it is important to realize that struggling with vital reading skills in not a sign of low intelligence.
Collaborative Reading Interventions
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...ities. It also provides verifiable evidence that supports my points that contribute in helping children to gain reading comprehension in order to resolve reading difficulties at school and at home as well. Having proficient reading skills is critical to success. When students are not able to be competent readers, they are at risk for academic, behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties. Because all students have the right to be provided with educational knowledge, children with reading disabilities also have the potential to be successful academically and socially. By doing this, teachers can change the trajectory of those children who are at risk for failure in reading comprehension skills. All this information is based on effective researches and practices given to students to increase comprehension skills and better tackle their reading disabilities.

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