Collaborative Programs And Community Corrections Essay

Collaborative Programs And Community Corrections Essay

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Nicole Almestica
Community Corrections (Kathleen Aikle-Mickel)
Collaborative Programs and Community Corrections.
Wilmington University

While Public safety is of top priority, Collaborative programs help to have offender 's ready to be released with opportunities available to them before they leave the system and after release. Collaborative programs help decrease costs and expenses for housing prisoners and increase chances for funding in programs that help rehabilitate offender 's, which are followed by evidence based programs and research. The offender 's have an opportunity to mend their wrongs by giving back to the community and becoming a contributing member of the society. Recidivism has been proven to decrease and prison system 's reduce prison overcrowding with the help of such programs.

Community Corrections top priority is the public 's safety. The departments job is to manage offender 's and implement public safety goals in an effective manner. Involving an extension of internal and external partnerships are key components and are needed for the promotion of offender 's success rate in society. All of the collaborative programs involved must have a strong communication effort to ensure that all resources, information and perspectives are going to lead to a smooth and successful process for the agencies and offender 's involved. Community Corrections most effective help is through the collaboration of many extended programs in the justice system and the community. All of the different complex and collective efforts lead to a more effective collaboration initiative and success in the offender 's re-entry (Collaborative Justice, 2015).
Community Corrections officer 's mus...

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... the offender 's who are being released into society. In an effort to manage effectively these offender 's a collaboration of many programs is needed. These programs are what make or break the success of the offender as they are released to society. Funding also is dependent on the effectiveness of these many different programs and initiative. They are less costly than incarcerating inmates and will be more cost effective for the society and the justice system.

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