Collaborative Principles Of Leadership During The Freestanding Paper Tower Building Challenge

Collaborative Principles Of Leadership During The Freestanding Paper Tower Building Challenge

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I used the collaborative principle of leadership during the freestanding paper tower building challenge. We were given minimal supplies; just paper, scissors and sellotape and we had to construct the highest tower. We were required to spend 10 minutes deciding upon the best strategy and plan before we were allowed to start building. Once the 10 minutes were up, we had to implement the plan through evenly distributed jobs. I tried to be as inclusive as possible and everyone shared an idea, then collectively, we decided upon the best idea. Once we had decided upon one plan, other people chipped in suggesting ways to alter the plan to improve it. For this scenario, collaborative leadership was the best approach. If I had tried to implement an authoritarian approach, I would have had to enforce my own idea upon the group which may not have been the best plan. “An authoritarian leadership style is being used when a leader dictates policies and procedures, decides what goals are to be achieved, and directs and controls all activities without any meaningful participation by the subordinates”. The authoritarian approach can diminish the group 's morale as they can feel like they are just being given orders and not actually being able to contribute their own ideas. Within my group, morale was high and we were all having an enjoyable time. This experience matched what research suggests about collaborative leadership. I agree with Phil Rabinowitz who believes that through collaboration with a team, there will be more ideas and better ideas produced. This is because when all group members are involved in the task process, they bring with them a wealth of information, as well as varying perspectives. This means the solutions they come up with ...

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...nning, participation amongst their team diminished as they had resigned to the fact that they were going to be punished. This reduced team cohesion and morale and they did not appear to be having fun. The extent or how substantial a reward is will generally determine the magnitude of participation. For example, if the reward was iPhone 6’s for all players that won the ball game, the teams would be more motivated to win than if the reward was a chocolate bar. Not many people were phased by the punishment of having to run two laps around the field. The losers even enjoyed the punishment. This meant the team could give up without too big of a consequence. If the punishment had been more severe, the prospect of losing could not have been an option. This means that not only were they motivated to win but if they know they cannot, at least they can fight to not come last.

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