Collaborative Leadership : My Preferred Leadership Style Essays

Collaborative Leadership : My Preferred Leadership Style Essays

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Collaborative leadership

Collaborative leadership is my preferred leadership style. This is because I believe that if everyone contributes and equal participation is encouraged then great things can be achieved. As the cliché saying goes, two heads are better than one. However, an issue I found with collaborative leadership is that not everyone contributes and there is a risk that one person will dominate and not allow others to participate. Often the loudest and opinionated members will contribute while the quieter individuals will generally not contribute, especially if they are not with their friends.

Collaborative leadership is defined by a process, rather than what leaders do. Collaborative leadership can be implemented in a range of different situations. It can be particularly useful in situations where there is not one defined person in charge. This does not mean that no one has responsibility, but the responsibility is equally shared in order to successfully complete the task.

The role of a collaborative leader includes collective problem-solving and decision-making. It is not up to the leader to decide what to do and then instruct the group. Instead, the group considers the task, jointly decides what to do, and depends on the leader to help them focus. For successful collaboration, it is imperative that the leader is proactive in making the process open and inclusive. The leader must not start out with their goals and plan already in mind and steer the group in that direction. Collaborative leadership requires the whole process of decision-making to be truly collaborative, with no set end-point when it begins. The endpoint is achieved by all members of the whole group. The purpose of collaborative lead...

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... This approach gives more responsibility to other members of the group. The leader still provides direction and support to the group when necessary but all decisions are ultimately made by the followers. A leader is still needed to provide both positive and constructive feedback which increases the confidence, motivation and morale of the group. This style is best used when group members are competent with the skills to complete the task but who are lacking confidence or motivation and require support to achieve the goal. This style is best used with intermediate athletes who need direction to get to the next level but who have moderate to high competency. I also used this leadership style as there were some people in our basketball team who were highly capable but lacked the confidence to get amongst the action. I tried to help by being encouraging to these athletes.

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