Collaborative Leadership And The Decision Making Process Essay

Collaborative Leadership And The Decision Making Process Essay

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In collaborative leadership, groups work together to promote and safeguard the process through shared leadership. Work is accomplished in coalitions, alliances, and partnerships. Collaborative leaders are driven to achieve their goal, but keep their egos in check. The passion is for the achievement, not to promote oneself. By listening carefully to others’ perspectives, they strive to understand and consider the views of others involved, even critics. Because of their ability to understand the needs of others, they seek win-win solutions (Sanders, 2014). Involving all stakeholders in the decision making process helps with acceptance and support. Collaborative leaders use indirect methods of motivating, such as appealing to others’ values and goals. They think strategically and connect the project to a larger purpose.
When large projects or tasks need to be accomplished, dividing the work and sharing responsibility through collaborative efforts shorten the completion time. With a diversity of people contributing, there is a greater creative input. This can raise the visibility and quality of the work produced.
Collaborative leadership deals with a lot of conflict that at times can be stressful and unpleasant. Emotions need to be removed from the situation in order to best handle conflict. A key role for a collaborative leader is to encourage honesty, understanding, partnership, and resolution. Training employees in the core skills of collaborative leadership and conflict management would be a good step towards building effective work relationships (Archer & Cameron, 2009).
Collaborative Leadership Problem Solving
Employee collaboration can be a great asset for providing solutions and adding val...

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...blish a framework, which includes clear and open communication, trust building, and creating opportunity for inclusion and collaboration (Bottomley, Burgess & Fox, 2014).
Ability to Challenge Status Quo
Questioning the status quo challenges assumptions and encourages divergent points of view. Decisive action occurs only after careful reflection and examination of the problem. Inviting a variety of views to contribute to the dialogue of analyzing and solving the problem will assist in generating fresh solutions (Shoemaker, Krupp & Howland, 2013).
In order to stay effective, leaders must continue to adapt and grow their strategies. This comes through learning new styles and techniques that have proven successful. Integrating various approaches that compliment and deepen leadership capability will maximize how we form relationships and motivate others.

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