Collaborative and Networked Management Learning Essay

Collaborative and Networked Management Learning Essay

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Today there is a demand on information systems to provide a new paradigm for learning that expands opportunities, facilitates effective delivery of content, better communication within a collaborative environment and integration with diverse set of technologies. As a result the use of collaborative and network based learning is becoming common. Recently many educational institutions have developed learning tools that combine various forms of media of which web-based learning management systems are widely used ie. WebCT, Blackboard, and Desire2Learn. In order to full understand the concept, it is important to define the analogies that make up the term “Collaborative and Networked Management Learning”.
Collaborative Learning is a form of teaching where students work together to reach a consensus by completing group tasks, projects or by negotiating (McAlpine, 2000). It is important to differentiate collaborative learning from cooperative learning. Cooperative learning is basically the summation of each individual’s work into a project whereas collaborative is the mutual engagement of the students in the learning process. The emphasis is on differences in knowledge and skills that are used to negotiate a common understanding. This focus ensures that the teacher’s role is minimized and that sharing knowledge and expertise will build a vibrant learning community (Slavin, 1995).
Collaborative form of instructional method has led to applications where computer networked management learning models are required. Hodgson and Watland describe this best as:
“By networking management learning we mean learning by managers that is supported by information and communication technologies used to connect learners with, in particula...

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... pp. 531-563.

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