Collaboration With The Interdisciplinary Team Plays A Big Part Essay

Collaboration With The Interdisciplinary Team Plays A Big Part Essay

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Intro- Collaboration with the interdisciplinary team plays a big part in the care of a patient.
Coming together as one is an essential to promote the health that is needed in order to define the
outcome for what’s best for the patient. The importance of the teamwork and collaboration to
the professional nursing is very important since the nurse is providing the bedside care of the
patient. Which directions to go in as far as the orders will come from the interdisciplinary team?
With feedback from the nurse, changes need to be made.

Meeting the needs and what is best for the patient which is the outcome of the care, building
a healthy relationship and most of all knowing the patient’s needs. According to Hook (2104), presence empathy respect and genuineness are the principles of communication that facilitate successful collaboration. Patient-centered care is delivered by the collaboration of the team. The method of delivery of this care should be integrated with the values and needs of patients.
The collaboration of the team must reduce division and improve the quality and safety of care provided to patients. Treating all patients with dignity, respect, and understanding to their cultural values and autonomy. Each patient comes with their own religious belief. With patient-centered care as health care providers, we have to have ways to work around a patient with different beliefs. Catering to their culture differences and needs is a must in order to fulfill their needs.
Involvement of the family is a big part of the collaboration and also with patient-centered care. Family at that moment may have in site information that the patient isn’t sharing
or know how the patient is feeling. Or the f...

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... Interpreters are at times needed with the diverse cultures along with diverse languages. “Recent patient safety and interprofessional team collaboration initiatives emphasize the importance of all health team members speaking a common language when discussing patient care issues” (Hook, 2014, p.161).

The roles of the interdisciplinary team for the patient

Depending on the condition you may interact with a wide range of individuals who are dedicated
to your health care.—every member you encounter makes a caring contribution to your hospital
experience and recovery.

Conclusion- Each member is a valuable aspect of the team. Without the collaboration and efforts
from each, the care of the patient would be incomplete. Uniting the interdisciplinary team among
each other’s a caring part that the nurses have a hand in every step of the way.

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