Collaboration Meeting for Process Excellence in the Emergency Department

Collaboration Meeting for Process Excellence in the Emergency Department

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Process Excellence in the emergency department is a team collaboration that has a focus of interest for improving quality of care for patients. Team collaboration in health care is recognized as a group of health care workers from different disciplines working together on a common goal. This particular “multidisciplinary” (Finkelman, 2012, p. 336) team meeting was a collaboration of team members that included: the Emergency Room (ER) Director, ER physicians, and ER nurses, ER Head Health Unit Coordinator, ER Business Manager, Senior Process Excellence Coordinator, Director of Information Management, and the Senior Marketing Specialist. This team’s purpose aims to organize a team approach to care for patients treated in the emergency department and focuses on the care approach that provides continuity of care to patients. This focus on the patient is aimed to provide not only a higher level of patient satisfaction, but also to improve professional satisfaction by developing approach by emergency room staff to provide care as team collaboration. This process excellence team has been meeting for over two years in hopes of this goal being reached. This paper aims to help the reader gain a better understanding of this specific team collaboration, the roles of its members, and the communication methods utilized.
Initial understanding of a process excellence team is an important foundation for understanding this specific team collaboration. Process excellence as described by Carter (2010) is a “Six Sigma process …used to eliminate defects and inefficiencies in a process or service.” In healthcare, our business is patient satisfaction. “Six Sigma” (Carter, 2010) is a team process that utilizes an approach to effectively control ...

... middle of paper ... McGraw-Hill.
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