Essay on Collaboration in a Culturally Diverse Team

Essay on Collaboration in a Culturally Diverse Team

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Attaining results from a team consisting of members likely spread across vast distances is an increasingly difficult task without taking advantage of the necessary resources available for distance collaboration. Several factors are taken into consideration when building an effective team. Creating a team out of a group of people who come from a variety of backgrounds is not an easy task because group members must first learn how to collaborate as a team before they can even consider completing a project together. Teams have a clear purpose with defined roles for each of its participants. Collaboration with the use of technological resources comes into play when a team consists of members spread out geographically. Realizing the strengths of each team member as well as the resources that are available is essential to a team’s success.
How a team works together affects its ability to complete a project or task cooperatively. “Each person in a group could have different ideas about the best way to solve a given problem” (Working Together, 171). Team members must “learn to be open to new ideas and develop skills in listening, questioning, and consensus building” (Working Together 173). A lack of trust among team members constrained their individual and collective voices, restricting the sharing of knowledge, experience, and opinions” (Working Together, 174). With a foundation of trust within a team, the groundwork for open communication is built. However, communication barriers may lead to disharmony among team members. Building trust and creating an atmosphere that fosters open communication enables team members to feel comfortable voicing their opinion. Without this, some team members may be “afraid to express a contrary point of ...

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...ed for resources that are available for distance communication across several formats has become more important than ever.
Creating a team composed of a group of people across great distances is only possible when the team has a clear objective, uses the resources available for distance collaboration as well as recognizes the strengths of each of its members. In our task-driven society, time is more precious than ever; therefore, time management within a team is essential. Results are attained only when individuals of a group are dedicated to the success of the team.

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