Collaboration Improves Teacher Effectiveness And Student Success Essay

Collaboration Improves Teacher Effectiveness And Student Success Essay

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In this paper the writer will explore various strategies principals can implement in order to effectively lead teachers in developing safe schools where students can achieve and grow. It is the contention of the writer that school leaders can effectively manage and lead schools to success through authentically leading school improvement efforts. By honestly answering guided questions, such as the inquiries provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), schools will be able to start to plan, implement, and evaluate their progress moving forward. In addition, it is incumbent upon the principal to create a culture of collaboration and trust in order to effectively lead. Further, the argument is made that collaboration improves teacher effectiveness and student success.
Building principals can create and maintain a safe environment for both teachers and students, increase teacher effectiveness and student success, and address barriers to the success of learning regardless of the financial constraints, through the development a school improvement plan, which aligns with the mission and vision of their school district. Lane, Bishop & Jones (2005) reported that school districts are faced with federal and state mandates forcing them to develop innovative ways to address changes, while continuing to effectively manage individual schools and plan for student achievement. They further argued that the process of developing a strategic or comprehensive plan was to enable school districts to develop goals, objectives, and activities over a set timeline. Healy (2007) pointed out that a leader should be able to communicate vision, strategies, and goals in a way that is understandable so progress can be achieved. The s...

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... (2012), was that collaboration is an effective learning practice, and that it has a positive influence on students for future learning.
With the advent of the Common Core, children are no longer expected to learn information passively; therefore scripted programs may not be a sustainable strategy for student achievement. Prescriptive reforms that reduce teachers to technicians are not likely to facilitate teachers’ understanding of their work or their ability to adapt it to new circumstances or specific students (Levine &Marcus, 2007). Finally, Morel (2012) argued that collaboration is an important example to students. When teachers fail to model collaboration and other competencies that support higher level thinking and creativity, students may assume that a correct answer exists to all problems and that taking an intellectual risk is inappropriate (Morel, 2012).

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