Collaboration And Teamwork Across The Disciplines Essay

Collaboration And Teamwork Across The Disciplines Essay

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Collaboration and Teamwork Across the Disciplines
Teamwork and collaboration in the healthcare industry is an essential part of making sure that the patients we care for reach optimal outcomes. It is no longer a world where the nurse’s only job is to take orders from physicians. As nurses it is our responsibility to advocate for our patients and the best way for this to happen is through teamwork and collaboration with the patient, families and other professionals involved in their care. By forming clear and logical objectives and understanding the roles and tasks of each member of the team, we work towards the best possible outcomes for our patients.
Clear and Logical Objectives
Listening and communication with all parties involved in the care of a patient is the first step in providing the care our patients need. This is not only speaking with professionals involved, but with the patient and their families. When we open up the line of communication it allows the patient and/or family to take part in the care they receive. It also allows us to collect information that may be critical in formulating an action plan. Listening to and communicating with other professionals involved in the case is also critical to formulating the best plan. According to Fewster-Thuente (2015) “the exchange of information and ideas to develop the plan must occur in an environment of respect, open-mindedness, and listening for collaboration and harmony to be created” (p. 360).
Once communication lines between all parties and disciplines are open and information gathered you can begin work on formulating the best plan of action for the patient to reach optimal outcomes. By taking into consideration each discipline’s knowledge and expertise we then be...

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...time and money for facilities and the patient. Developing and improving teamwork and collaboration in the workplace has proved to be an essential asset for all nurses to obtain. Making sure to form clear and logical objectives and understanding the roles and tasks of team members allows us to use teamwork and collaboration to obtain the best possible patient outcomes.

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