The Collaborating Individual Chosen For This Case Study Is Eva Pollinger Middleton

The Collaborating Individual Chosen For This Case Study Is Eva Pollinger Middleton

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The collaborating individual chosen for this case study is Eva Pollinger-Middleton, a twenty-three year old undergraduate student in the College of Education at the University of North Florida. Eva is majoring in Secondary English Education and is currently in her junior year. Eva is ethnically Lumbee, which is a Native American tribe native to the north Florida Area. Although Lumbee is not a federally-recognized distinct tribe, Eva is highly invested in furthering her culture’s recognition in educational settings, including both increasing Lumbee presence in curriculum relating to Native American studies for students in the general education program and in furthering educational opportunities for students who are Lumbee. Eva is personally and professionally invested in improving educational settings and opportunities for all Native American students, and plans to teach on a Native American reservation once she is certified as an educator. Throughout the course of the semester, Eva and I worked collaboratively on a number of occasions on coursework for our individual classes, to get outside input and perspectives on our respective work and better the overall quality of our writing. Eva also acted as a mentor to my learning on specific issues and challenges faced by Native American students, and how we as teachers can strive to better the educational opportunities for diverse populations of students.

Historical Context of Native American Student Education
Native American students have historically been disenfranchised by American schooling institutions. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Native American education was typically framed as a method of assimilation into “American” culture rather than a system of ...

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...erican sports have become so controversial. Lobbyists against these representations assert that, by putting an ethnic group alongside non-human entities like “Lions” or “Panthers” or historical groups like “Vikings”, the institution of these teams is implicitly convey this very real ethnic group as a “less than” other people and reducing everyone of this group as an ethnic stereotype (Lowe 2005). This is especially evident in team names like the “Redskins” which many Native American people have spoken out against as being a racial slur (Lowe 2005). This representation for Native American students, while seemingly benign, creates a cultural norm of treating this ethnic group as a singular portrayal of their various cultural stereotypes rather than a diverse group of various cultures and ethnicities which are whole people rather than their ethnicity and culture alone.

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