The Cold War Was A Long Period Of Political Discord Essay

The Cold War Was A Long Period Of Political Discord Essay

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The Cold War was a long period of political discord that existed between the United States and the Communist Party. United States foreign policy began to stress containment in order to prevent the spread of communism. In Latin America, subsequent administrations involved themselves in Latin American domestic affairs, attempting to strengthen cooperative governments or weaken those that they believed were susceptible to communist penetration. Contrary to its name, the Cold War was anything but “cold,” and it altered Latin America’s relationship to the United States profoundly as the region became a violent battleground between competing ideological systems – capitalism and communism. Latin American nations were expected to ally with the United States while the Soviet Union sought to sway them towards their own influence. The American government wanted to prevent any possible influence of communism on their Latin American neighbors. With this goal in mind, the United States embraced several Latin American anticommunist dictatorships. To them, doing so seemed far less of a crime than having any sort of communism in their own hemisphere. Despite what the United States may or may not have intended to do, many of the leaders that they supported became brutal and ruthless tyrants. They believed that it was better to have strong leaders than weak ones who were susceptible to communist infiltration, regardless of their morals. Because of this, the Cold War in Latin America was full of political tumult and unrest. The United State’s choice to support these repressive regimes led to violence and abuse of power. Inevitably, many individuals became very wealthy while their people suffered in poverty. Their support for such repressive rulers d...

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... continued to suffer as a result of violence and repression.
In Hal Brands’ Latin America’s Cold War, the war is explained as a convergent conflict – an overlaying of multiple conflicts onto one another. The book also explains the issue of seesawing political arrangements, which led to widespread violence in these unstable countries. U.S. and Soviet competition for power and influence in Latin America was a major factor in the events that unraveled during the Cold War. When the American government deemed Latin American democracies to be too radical, they intervened militarily. With peaceful methods to reform out of arm’s reach, Latin American rebels felt they had little choice but to opt for armed struggle. Violence in Latin America during the Cold War was invariably owed to superpower conflict, and the United State’s support for dictatorships in fear of communism.

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